Time for Spring Cleaning

Spring is here and it is prime time for house-cleaning and maintenance. Spring cleaning, however, is not just for the inside of the home. Everybody knows that first impressions matter. The outside of your house says a lot to guests and potential buyers before they even walk in the door. There are easy ways to clean and freshen up the exterior of your home that don’t require gallons of paint or a landscaping crew. Start with the front door. If you’re willing to make a bold move, paint your door a bright color like canary yellow to help your house stand out (as long as the color is … [Read more...]

Realtors® Homeowner’s Guide to Taxes

Tax season is upon us. And with it are many questions to be answered. The Realtors® have put together a guide for homeowners to use for their taxes. You can find this guide at . Houselogic.com is an award-winning comprehensive website created for homeowners from the National Association of Realtors®. Go to HouseLogic’s “Homeowner’s Guide to Taxes” to take advantage of the tax benefits that come with homeownership, while avoiding common home-related tax mistakes. Homeowners can take advantage of a variety of tax strategies that can lower their tax bill the mortgage interest … [Read more...]

RE/MAX Luxury Collection

Have you seen the new RE/MAX Collection's Fine Home & Luxury Properties television commercial? Click Here to view it. The RE/MAX Collection is an exclusive luxury real estate marketing program designed to promote your luxury property throughout the Florida luxury real estate market, across the nation and around the globe. As a seller, your home will be exposed in 86 countries. That's more than any other real estate franchise in the country. And we had over 25,000,000 viewers on our RE/MAX website in 2012. When you think of luxury homes think of RE/MAX. When you think of … [Read more...]

REALTOR® Code of Ethics

Real estate is an industry based on trust. Working ethically is essential when we are building a solid relationship with our clients. Avery-Ayers & Associates feels that to grow our business, we have to have our Buyers and Sellers feel that they can depend on us to act with their best interest in mind. Buying and selling a home is a major life changing decision. We are bound by the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics in everything we do. Our job is to be honest with all parties in the transaction, including our clients, other REALTORS® or real estate agents and their clients. … [Read more...]

The Mystery of REALTOR® Designations

Many REALTORS®, such as ourselves, have alphabet soup after our names. Just like doctors who have acronyms such as PHDs, our industry also offers continued education for those who choose to improve themselves. What that means to you is that you are hiring a real estate agent with higher qualifications and knowledge. Here are some of the popular known designations and certifications that we have achieved. AHWD (At Home with Diversity) - AHWD is part of a comprehensive cultural diversity outreach program that helps real estate agents understand and serve culturally diverse … [Read more...]

Home Prices Up, Inventory Way Down

It appears that we could be making a real estate turn around in Manatee County, Florida. Our median single family home prices have risen by 19% from last years figures. Our home inventory has dropped by 32.5%. The number of single family homes under contract (pending) increased by 29.3%, condominiums and town-homes increased by 18.5%. A lack of inventory is causing prices to rise as demand continues for home buyers to come into our beautiful area. With sunny beaches, almost perfect year around climate, plentiful golfers delight courses available, it's no wonder people move here year … [Read more...]

Short Sale Deficiency

How Much Time Does My Bank Have to Come After my Mortgage Deficiency When an underwater home is sold in a short sale or a foreclosure, the greatest concern is almost always over the remaining mortgage balance owed by the homeowner (known as a "deficiency balance") and how long the lender has to try to collect it. When a property is sold in short sale, generally speaking, the deficiency is the difference between the total debt owed on the mortgage and the sale price. In foreclosure, the deficiency is, generally speaking, the difference between the total balance and the fair market value … [Read more...]

Short Sales & Taxes 2013

Be aware that you may owe federal income taxes in 2013 if you have a short sale, foreclosure WASHINGTON – Jan. 9, 2012 – You may owe federal income taxes in 2013 if you have a short sale, foreclosure after this year. Now is the time to make the hard decision: Are you going to walk away from your underwater home? Uncle Sam is still giving homeowners until Dec. 31, 2012, to go through a short sale or foreclosure without tax consequences – as long as the lender officially releases the debt. But on Jan. 1, 2013, the rules change: The amount a lender forgives, ether in a short sale or … [Read more...]

Shopping Safely

Safe Shopping Strategies for the Holidays In today’s difficult financially atmosphere, identity theft and credit card fraud are crimes to be very aware of, especially as the holiday shopping season nears. While many people are more aware about online shopping security, identity theft occurs offline also. In fact, according to a February 2009 study by Javelin Strategy & Research, of the 9.9 million identity-theft cases reported in 2008, online theft accounted for only 11% of incidents. Stolen wallets, checkbooks, and credit and debit cards made up almost half. Following these simple … [Read more...]

Stress Free Move

Alot of families move in the summer. Many families, especially those with young children want to get settled in to their new home before the school starts. The Move.com experts offer several tips for making your move a seamless and stress-free experience as possible. 1. Get written estimates from at least three licensed moving companies when hiring professional movers. For a few extra dollars, consider buying moving insurance. Investing in full value protection means any lost or damaged articles will be repaired or replaced. 2. Take photos of every room in the new home while they are … [Read more...]