Moving Experience


After working in the real estate industry for over 21 years, helping so many people make a move and living in the same home for 23 years, we ourselves made a move. Even though we didn’t move very far, still staying in Manatee County, it was still quite an experience. We designed and built our home and the children grew and grew out of the home. Then we were looking at a home with rooms that we never went into except to clean. It was time to downsize. And by downsizing, I mean purging 23 years of stuff that we had collected and maybe hadn’t seen in years, as it was tucked away in all the storage areas. During the process, I found a document about Letting Go by Karen Kingston from her book “Clear your Clutter”. She talks about how people hang unto things because of fear. They are afraid they might regret getting rid of things because as soon as you get rid of it, you might need it even though you haven’t used it in 20 years. You can’t live life with that fear. We were moving to a smaller home and a new lifestyle. It has been quite a challenge. In the beginning, you go through every item making decisions along the way to keep or get rid of it. Then you get to the point where you just dump it all in a box and state that you’ll deal with it at the other end. That’s the process we are in today. Our goal is to work through a box or two a day. Like they say, you can’t take it with you. It has been a very moving experience.

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