Time for Spring Cleaning

Spring Clean Spring is here and it is prime time for house-cleaning and maintenance. Spring cleaning, however, is not just for the inside of the home. Everybody knows that first impressions matter. The outside of your house says a lot to guests and potential buyers before they even walk in the door. There are easy ways to clean and freshen up the exterior of your home that don’t require gallons of paint or a landscaping crew.

Start with the front door. If you’re willing to make a bold move, paint your door a bright color like canary yellow to help your house stand out (as long as the color is complementary to the trim, shutters and the rest of the house). Also, make sure lighting fixtures match the style of your house and are working properly. Another quick way to brighten up the front of the house: Put flower boxes or pots with colorful blooms on your porch railings or around your door.

Curb appeal is all about the details. Ask yourself: Is there sufficient outdoor lighting? Are overgrown plants and bushes creating an unsightly mess? Is your home address visible? You can revitalize your door by replacing the old hardware, installing tidy new address numbers or giving it a paint job. What’s more, as simple as it sounds, installing a new mailbox — near the road or mounted to your house — can go a long way to show off your home. The options and materials are endless, but like with any other updates, make sure the style fits your house.

Once inside make sure to de-clutter, dust and give everything a fresh new feel and smell. Whether inviting over guests or opening your home to potential buyers, you always want your home to have a positive impression inside and out.

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